Let's Elect an Independent to the Quorum Court! #ClarkCountyAR

Let's Elect an Independent to the Quorum Court! #ClarkCountyAR Let's Elect an Independent to the Quorum Court! #ClarkCountyAR
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92% of registered voters in Clark County, AR are independents, yet not a SINGLE member of the Quorum Court is one — I'm running to change that. If elected, I'll represent EVERYONE in district 8, regardless of party affiliation, and work to find bipartisan solutions to the problems facing Clark County. I've been endorsed by the Reform Party.If you don't know what a Quorum Court is, it's what Arkansas calls its county legislatures. The name is a holdover from when it had judicial functions, but a constitutional amendment created a separate, County Court, without changing the name (confusing, I know). Members of the Quorum Court are called Justices of the Peace. In Clark County, we have eleven, but other counties may have more or less, depending on their population.

District 8 includes the Amity area.

Here's my sources for the data in this video:

Voter registration: https://www.sos.arkansas.gov/uploads/VR_Statistics_Report_for_June_2021.pdfCandidates by party: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/misty.orpin6267/viz/CountyRaces/PercentbyPartyQuorum Court members: https://arkadelphian.com/2022/01/05/election-2022-most-local-positions-up-for-grabs/Authorized by AMJ4JP8.

(amj4jp8.com) I'm Amelia May Johnson and I approve this message.

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