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Independents include: The Reform Party, The American Independent Party, The Green Party, The Libertarian Party, The Peace and Freedom Party, and any other party that is NOT GOP (Republican Party) or DNC (Democratic Party)

Independents Video Network provides channels and programs comprising of political content that is leaning politically independent from DNC and RNC.

An independent or non-partisan politician is a politician not affiliated with any of the 2 major (Republicans or Democrats)  political parties .

An overwhelming majority of independents (81%) continue to “lean” toward either the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. Among the public overall, 17% are Democratic-leaning independents, while 13% lean toward the Republican Party. Just 7% of Americans decline to lean toward a party, a share that has changed little in recent years. This is a long-standing dynamic that has been the subject of past analyses, both by Pew Research Center and others.

In their political attitudes and views of most issues, independents who lean toward a party are in general agreement with those who affiliate with the same party.

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